A Summer Story (1988) full movie

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This is a gripping love story set to Devon, England in the beginning of the 20th century. (VHS quality, english language, no subs, 95 min.) PLOT: The young Frank Ashton must stay a few days on a farm because of an injured ankle. There, he meets the beautiful peasant girl Megan and starts a tumultuous fling. They fall in love with each other. Sadly, this becomes her destiny. CAST: James Wilby - Mr. Ashton Imogen Stubbs - Megan David Susannah York - Mrs. Narracombe Kenneth Colley - Jim Jerome Flynn - Joe Narracombe Director: Piers Haggard Writers: John Galsworthy (story), Penelope Mortimer SOUNDTRACK: Original Music Composed by Georges Delerue A1 Love In The Loft A2 Summer Poem A3 We Meet Megan A4 Sheep Shearing A5 Ashton Arrives A6 Waiting For Megan A7 Falling In Love A8 Coming To Town A9 Abandoned B1 Flashback And Rescue B2 The Gentle Maiden (Instrumental) B3 Return To The Hill B4 At The Beach B5 Megan Leaves Forever B6 Missed The Train B7 Megan At Work B8 Night Meeting B9 Megan In The Field B10 Thinking Of Ashton B11 Ashton`s Son (Theme From A Summer Story) ***I DO NOT OWN THE COPYRIGHT TO THIS MOVIE***